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Team E4E: We Thank Ye . . .

E4E Team Image


Recently, we asked a group of talented professionals to help us market our cause. We referred to this group of all-stars as the “EPIC for EPIC” team, or TEAM E4E. Thanks to their blood, sweat and tears (actually, no crying), this site and other marketing materials, produced for us on a probono basis, will help us thrive in the years to come. The project involved many moving parts, from interface and graphic design to writing to backend development. And a lot more. A lot a lot more. We thank them.

TEAM E4E included, at various points: Philip Barash; Steve Batterson; Miguel Cervantes; Tricia Chamberlain; Mark Drozd, E4E Team Leader; Brigid Eduarte; Laureen Feeny; Greg Hinchman; Tim Hogan, Marketing Committee Lead; Courtney Hoover; Erin Huizenga, EPIC Founder/Exec Director; Kelly Kaminski, Vice President, EPIC Board; Katie Kowaloff, EPIC Program Manager; Sonja Kramer; Kamil Kecki; Joe Liu; Tiffany Meyers, President, EPIC Board; Scott Reinhard; Vincent Smolucha; Anne Serr; Carey Stansbury and Megan Weinerman.

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